Thanks to you, I've lost that loss of anticipation and sense of feeling unwelcome at my mom's house. I love her dearly and appreciate you just the same for being there for me. I also consider you a great friend Ron, who helped me from drifting so far from my family that I didn't care. Thank you Ron, I'll never forget you!"
JB Chicago Illinois

"The Coaching experience allowed me an opportunity to discuss fears, dreams and critical self talk in a safe environment with someone who actually knows what to do with the information, so that I can fulfill my dreams. More importantly, you enabled me to pinpoint what that dream is and helped me set up goals in order to achieve that dream."
IJC Aurora Illinois

"Thanks for all your time and effort! I really feel you are helping me be more me. Yay!"
SR Connecticut

"You continue to amaze me ... and most important, make me think."
JH, Illinois