To a world-class athlete, the answer to this question is at once clear and concrete. An athlete reaching his or her full potential without the guidance of a coach is virtually unheard of.

Why then is this almost intuitive approach to success not more widely used in other areas of people's lives? While an athlete may know that he wants to shave a tenth off his 100 meter time, goals are not always this clear in life. Life Coaching therefore, has the added dimension of providing a matrix for uncovering your life purpose. In this sense, a coach can lead an exploration of all the possibilities for your success, finding what it is that truly fills your being, gives you confidence and empowers you.

Moving forward, the analogy to athletics coach tightens. A Coach provides tools to help you unlock your motivation, discover your strengths and build on them, and provide focus and support.

Whether you would like to improve your physical fitness, increase your professional success, create balance in your life, or if you feel a general desire for self improvement, a personal life coach can help you activate and refine the skills that will lead you to realizing your aspirations.

Ron Oesterlein, Success Skills Coach